Act Now For 2019 Sports Streaming

WISPs will be to the forefront for rural NZ as sports start going live on the Internet in 2019. The way we view major sports events will start changing for ever. At least one high profile event will be streamed on the Internet, with some games not available on TV. Other major sporting events are likely to follow rapidly.

Rural people will be concerned that they dont miss out.

If you are in a  rural location and don’t have streaming quality Internet, contact your local WISP.  Act NOW – don’t wait until the game is three months away and resources are stretched.

WISPs can connect most places in rural NZ.  And work with your neighbours – a group wanting coverage will attract the attention of your WISP better than one alone.

If you are already a WISP customer but concerned whether your bandwidth will meet the demands of a busy sports season, pick up the phone to your WISP.  Most of us are constantly upgrading our service to meet ever-increasing demands for bandwidth, and some of us are upgrading at government expense through the Rural Broadband initiative. But dont lie awake worrying – ask us.

For WISPs in your region look under “Find Your Local WISP” on this site.