WISPA Presentation to 2018 TUANZ Rural Broadband Symposium - 16/7/2018 - Earlier this month WISPA.NZ coordinated a presentation to the above event involving 5 member WISPs – Acting Chair Mike Smith (Amuri), Trevor Fulton (Velocity), Lachlan Chapman (AONet), Travis Baird (Unifone) and Dave Parker ( Here’s a link to the video of the session. (Scroll down to number 9.)
WISPs Explained - 17/4/2018 - Sarah Putt Explains WISPs on Radio NZ Technology Show Click here for the audio from Nine to Noon on Thursday 12 April.
WISPs Feature on Seven Sharp - 4/4/2018 - Prominent WISP owners Matthew Harrison (Primo) and Lachlan Chapman (AONet) featured on national TV yesterday with this news item.
Closing Taranaki’s Digital Divide - 4/4/2018 - Regional wireless internet service provider PrimoWireless has used fibre for four or five years now, to improve internet speeds and reliability for its rural customers. Fibre also extends its network into those deep rural pockets even satellite can’t reach.
Speech for RBI2 Launch – Mystery Creek, Waikato. - 30/8/2017 - Kia Ora everyone… Minister Bridges, Graham and your team, distinguished guests, fellow WISP’s…. For those that don’t know me, I am the founder and managing director of PrimoWireless, and we based in the region like no other, that is Taranaki. As the elected president of “WISPA NZ” – the Wireless Internet Service Provider’s Association of New Zealand– it is a huge honour to be able speak to you here today.
WISPS are Strong Contenders for RBI2 - 24/8/2017 - A number of WISPA.NZ members have submitted bids for RBI2 – the next round of the government’s Rural Broadband Investment programme. The outcome is expected to be announced in August 2017. This promotional booklet was published by WISPA.NZ to explain why WISPs are the logical choice for public investment in rural areas.
RBI2 Promotional Brochure released - 31/5/2017 - WISPA.NZ with the support of a cluster of members published a promotional brochure entitled “WISPs -the ideal source of rural broadband.” This  was produced at the closing of the RBI2 bids and circulated to a wide range of interested groups. Download or view the brochure here.
Response to Vodafone in “Farmers Weekly” - 22/5/2017 - WISPA.NZ responded to comments by Vodafone CEO Russell Stanners – our Farmers Weekly scan 0517.
5 Year Review of Spectrum Management - 28/2/2017 - The WISPA.NZ Submission to MBIE’s Radio Spectrum Management division on the 5 year review can be downloaded here.
Response to ComCom Backhaul Review - 25/10/2016 - This is a submission to the Commerce Commission’s review of backhaul written on behalf of WISPs. It was sent in the name of Heartland Comnectivity Taskforce because WISPA.NZ was still in the process of formation.